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February 04, 2021

February is a month of the year where we are encouraged to express LOVE for our beloved people. Yes, this is it. Valentine’s day is hitting your calendar in just a couple more days.  On this day, We have two kinds of people. The one that celebrates it outside of their home while the other one would sleep in until the late afternoon and feel not bothered at all. Yet in this year of pandemic, why don’t we all spend our Valentine’s Day at home and be safe?

Here’s a blog for you who are staying in while bingeing on your comfort pajamas but still be romantic and enjoy the day full of love at your sweet home. P/S: with or without that special someone, this blog is still helpful for you. ;) Let’s get into our top 5 home dates idea for this upcoming day that is full of love and joy.

1/  Home Cooked Meal Kind of Date

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Now, it is time to try out the fancy receipt you have saved on Pinterest and showcase your cooking skill to your partner or enjoy making it together. What about making a lunch or dinner with an extra decor of some cozy table sets and a rose smelled candle. Cooking and eating together make the most enjoyable and delicious meal that not every fancy restaurant can offer.

2/ The Pajamas Party

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If you’re single, still no worries! Throw a home party with your friends but only wearing their best pajamas. You don’t have to look good all the time, sometimes the best look you ever have is in your pajamas. Whether you decide to eat or watch a movie, no casual clothes are needed, comfy pajamas and a few of your close friends would do. Give yourself more time with your best friends as the picture said “No Boys Allowed”. A Wonderful blog on how to enjoy your pajama party with your girl friends at home by The Pink Millennial.

3/ Express Your Honest Feeling

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Not just on Valentine’s Day but waking up next to your partner is one of the best gifts in life. It does not necessarily need to express your feelings only on this day but it is the perfect time to be a bit more romantic in a way to look back on that sparkling first date of yours. Simply telling them what you love and why you fell for them and to make sure they know how important they are in your life and how empty you feel without them even just for a day or a week. Hearing what your partner loves about you is the best Valentine gift you could ever receive, isn’t it?

4/ Write a Love Letter

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An oldie but a goodie! Whether you are the kind of person who writes love letters or not, spend the time writing one on this day. Make it cheesy, cringy or even crazy to make down this journey of love. Writing is the best form of communication in expressing your feelings toward another person.

5/ Plant Together

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Something to mark your love is always the best with what you can see everyday. To make it even more romantic on Valentine’s day at home, plant your partner’s favorite plant together. To get you started, here’s a great blog of ideas for plants that express love, 15 Romantic Flowers and their Meaning, a wonderful written blog by costafarms.

Regarding on however you are going to celebrate this day, one thing to keep in mind is to stay safe and take precautions for COVID-19 such as keeping your hand clean, social distancing and wearing your mask if you are in a crowded place.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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