Artistic Collection Of Music Design Items - Musician Gifts

December 18, 2018

Basing your fashion style on a unique theme is the best way to keep things interesting and fun. The selected theme can be brought to life by using symbols or quotes that related to your passion. Music is the single most vital element for setting a particular theme.

Whether you like playing music or listening to it, these music-theme design ideas hits all the right notes.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. Music Notes Hooded Blanket

Keep yourself warm with this blanket 

2. Music Note Heart Pillow Cover

Brighten up your bed with this pillow cover now~

3. Sheet Music Tote Bag

Carry some melodies with you everyday, music lover~

4. Black Music Notes Men's Slip-Ons

Add your passion to your style~~

5. Strings and Clefs Pillow Cover

Your bedroom needs something new, music lover

6. Women Pink Music Notes Sneakers

With these sneakers, be a coolest music lover now~~

7. Sheet Music Note Tote Bag

Carry your passion with you everyday!

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