Unique Items For Whose Heart Belongs To Music | Musician Gifts

September 16, 2019

Giving the gift of music is a powerful and unique way to make your friends and family feel special and show them how much you care.

Unique artwork and decorative fixtures, trendy new gadgets, tool kits, or effects pedals, there is bound to be something on this list for those whose heart belongs to music.

1. Colorful Music Notes Canvas Wall Art

Which one is your favorite?

2. Music Note Novelty Tie

Complete your looks with this classic tie!

3. Music Guitar Retro Wall Poster

Reveal your feeling with this supportive poster!

4. Guitar Design Cufflinks

Add a touch of music aesthetic to your outfits!

5. Retro Violin Music Dress

Nothing's much better than this retro dress, music ladies!

6. Vintage Piano Print Rug Mat

Spruce your house now with this classic yet practical mat!

7. Guitar Cuff Bangle

Shoutout to all guitarist, guitar lovers out there!

8. Piano Keys Sling Bag

Carry your passion with you, music lover!

9. Retro Cassette Logo T-shirt

Wear it together with your friends!

10. Tape Shape Leather Mini Handbag

Throwback to those old good days with this tape handbag!

11. Guitar 3D Printed Hoodie

Stylish yet classic, this is a perfect addition for you!

12. Round Carved Music Notes Dangle Earrings

A wonderful gift for you and your friends!

13. Silver Music Headset Bead

Cute gift for music lovers!

14. Music Soft iPhone Case

Your iPhone needs style, too!

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