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Snow White
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500 units available ONLY. 

New Color - Snow White Added!! Only 20 units available!

Looking for a gift for music lover? Check this out now!

Discover how awesome this Unique Musical Note Lamp! Your love toward music should not be in your mind but show off with this lamp now! 

Each Musical Note Lamp are handcrafted by our artisans, making every one of the lamps are unique in every corners. 

Musical Note Lamp is perfect for all music lovers. It looks gorgeous in your living room, bedroom, office, as well as on stage when you are performing. When it is not turned on, it's a perfect home decor.

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2 or more 5% Off [use code LAMP]

Once we reach 500 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $179.95 USD.

ONE Year Limited Warranty : Free exchange guarantee. 

*No need to return the lamp, we will send a new one to you!

Act Now! Limit to 10 pieces for each customer. 

All Lamps are made to order by our artisans, so it can take 7-14 days before we ship from our centre. 


  • Light Color : White, Bright Yellow, Warm Yellow (Interchangeable)
  • Height: 45cm Width: 19cm
  • Light Source : LED
  • Energy Source : Wired
  • Material : Alloy
  • Voltage: 110V~240V (Can be used in anywhere in the world)
  • Plug: USA Plug (2 Pin)

Option 1 : Left Side

Option 2: Right Side

Snow White - Special Edition

Side by side comparison:


Three Light Mode:

White Light - perfect for a focus working environment
Yellow [Recommended] - mild, relaxing environment
Warm Yellow - Sleeping mode

The lamp consists of 2 parts, the Treble Clef Top and the Metal Base.
The Treble Clef Top is a single metal tube carefully bent by our artisans under high heat and pressure. The process takes hours to make one in order to keep the shape of the Treble Clef . We use a specially-made high quality LED as the light source, so it can attach to the metal tube firmly while still energy efficient and long lifespan  

The whole lamp are slim and thin with elegant look. The base may look small, but it provides high stability to keep the lamp from falling.


Customer's Photo: 


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