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What is Affiliate Marketing - according to Wikipedia,  Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

How Affiliate Marketing Works


        For those who are new in Affiliate Marketing, this is like doing your own business even without the capital and with No Risk at all.  Your earnings will depend on your marketing efforts and strategies. Once you have joined the program, an affiliate link will be sent to you together with your confirmation.  Then, you can start promoting your link to track the traffic and orders for the computation of your earnings. There are various ways to promote your link.

  1.      Share to Social Media Channels - You can use the various social media channels in posting our products images, creatives or banners ads together with your affiliate link.  You can use almost all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube. You can findeditable template of Banners here.  You can use it as is or edit the percentage of discounts depends on the existing offer on thewebsite andFB page.  Please always check on thewebsite andFB page for updated discounts.  You can usecanva to edit the banners. You can seeCanva Tutorials here.
  1.     Promote on Facebook Groups - Join Facebook groups, be helpful to the other members of the group to build good relationship before promoting yourself or your business.  This will give them the impression that you are being helpful that’s why are there and not just to spam and promote your products. Be respectful and always read and follow group rules.  Ask for the admins’ permission in posting promotional posts unless that the FB group was just created for the purpose of advertising and promotions. Here’s the tip on how to do it >>
  2.     Quora – Join & answer related questions in Quora to be able to find opportunities to give information and value.  Don’t promote right away, so that you will not appear to be spamming. Be helpful to others, build a good reputation before promoting your products.
  3.     Product reviews on blogs or videos – If you already have purchased one or more of our products, you can simple create a short article or video review about the product then share then on your social media network and connections.
  4.     Promote via Email – If you happen to have email connections or list, you can simply copy any of our updated newsletter of existing promotions/offers then send it to them.
  5.     Product review on blog – you can create a short article telling story about your good experiences and good feedback about any of our products. You may use free blog sites like or
  6. Product review on videos - you can create a short video telling story about your good experiences and good feedback about any of our products. You may upload your video on Vimeo or YouTube.
  7. Use  BITLY URL for tracking of clicks to your affiliate link.  

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