Top Guitar Gift Ideas In Artistic Pod

It’s a well-known fact that buying presents for people can be hard!  It varies between individuals of course, but you’re often left between buying something that might end up being useless for the given person, or simply buying booze or something generic like that.

If your friend happens to be a guitarist or guitar lover, you’re in luck! From the simple but handy to the extravagant, we’ve come up with some cool ideas for every guitarist on your list. No cheesy gimmicks here, just awesome and genuinely useful gifts that they’ll love.

1. Wooden Guitar Zip-Up Hoodies

Introduce you our best-selling guitar-themed items!

2. New! Epiphone Sheraton Guitar Watch

There's nothing happier than wearing your passion, guitar lover!

3. Wooden Guitar Flash Drive

Keep your favorite songs in these awesome wooden guitar flash drivers!

4. Novelty Guitar Ceramic Cup Personality Music Note

The perfect way to start your morning with these classic guitar cup!

5. Guitar Leather Watch

Wear your style and be unique!

6. Black Burning Guitar Wall Decor

Spruce up your wall with this flaming wall decor

7. Wooden Guitar Area Rug

Decor your house with this appealing area rug!

8. Electric Guitar Music Ceramic Mug

Guitar lover, i mean...who doesn't like electric guitar?

9. Guitar Coffee Spoon

This is the perfect utensils to guitar lover!

10. Pocket Acoustic Guitar

Practice your riffs and chords anywhere, anytime! 



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