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Rock out in style with this Music Cassette Tape Carpet! With 8 unique designs, there's one that'll definitely add some fun to your floor. Put down the needle and press play – your feet will thank you!

Material: 100% Polyester Fiber


40x60cm=(15.7 in x 23.6 in), 60x90cm =(23.62 in x 35.43 in)
70x100cm=(27.56in x 39.37in), 80x120cm=(31.50 in x 47.24 in)
100x120cm=(39.37in x 47.24in), 100x150cm=(39.37in x 59.06in)
120x160cm=(47.24 in x 62.99in), 200x160cm=(78.74in x 62.99in)
230x160cm=(90.55in x 62.99in)


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