Saxophone Mouthpiece Cleaning Box

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Saxophone Mouthpiece Cleaning Box made of food-grade materials, hygienic, safe and caring. Double ultraviolet lamp disinfection, fully covering each reed, fully killing germs. It has a moisturizing function to prevent the reed from drying out and prolonging the service life of the reed. Support various types of reeds, including clarinet, clarinet, saxophone and other reeds, and can hold up to 8 pieces.

Grab 3 or more for you, your friends and family as a gift before this promotion ends!

Once we reach 500 unit sales,we will set the price back to $85.95.

Product Details:
Size: 124*109*34mm/4.9*4.3*1.3in
Battery: 700mAh Lithium Battery
Ultraviolet Lamp: UVC+UVA Double Ultraviolet Lamp Beads
UVC (Main) Wavelength: 275-285nm
UVA (Auxiliary) Wavelength: 390-395nm

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