Simple Music Art Shower Curtain

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Experience art and music in your bathroom with our Simple Music Art Shower Curtain.

Choose from 4 stunning styles and 9 sizes to elevate your daily routine.

Transform your shower into an exclusive oasis with our elegant and tasteful curtain.

Add sophistication to your space with this premium product.

Material: 100% polyester fiber
Features: Antibacterial, waterproof, mildew proof, safe and environmentally friendly
Washing tips: Machine wash, hand wash, cold wash, natural drying
Size: (W = Width H = Height)
90cm W X 180cm H (with 7 Holes)
120cm W X 180cm H (with 8 Holes)
150cm W X 180cm H (with 10 Holes)
180cm W X 180cm H (with 12Holes)
180cm W X 200cm H ( with 12 Holes)
180cm W X 210cm H ( with 12 Holes)
180cm W X 240cm H ( with 12 Holes)
210cm W X 180cm H ( with 13 Holes)
240cm W X 180cm H ( with 16 Holes)


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